As long as there are tracks, bikes will remain one of the most versatile means of following them. Even where there are no tracks, gravity and a vertical drop can still make for good day’s riding. All you need is the right type of soil…
Compare this to surfing. Swells come rolling in across the ocean, hit the shoreline and transform into a series of fascinating waves. Surf breaks depend on the type of seabed, i.e. reefs, rocks or sandbanks.
There’s one big difference between surfing and biking though. Swell is irregular and there’s no guarantee that you’ll get any. Tracks, however, can be found wherever human beings have settled. This means you can ride all over the world.
On Bali, there is no end of places to ride. Both on a board and on a bike. You can literally shred a volcano all the way down to the beach. Conversely, you could start the day with a session on your board in the morning and still have time to surf the gravel fields of Mount Batur in the afternoon. All you need is the right guidebook, a desire to explore and the courage to try out new terrain.
Bali is where Surfing Trails meets Surfing Waves.
Riders: Julia Hofmann, Rob J Heran, Antoine Bizet, Nick Pescetto

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